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The weblog for trainees. Qualifications – what are the certainly

Datum: 7. 7. 2020

A word that sounds boring for the ears of trainees and corrosive –

record books. Having said that, this evidence is relevant and crucial for the entire coaching. The qualifications are vital, as they may be employed for admission in the IHK exams. They kind the basis and proof that content was rewrite essays taught in training. This consists of, for instance, the performed instruction activities and operational, inter-company and school-based instruction. Thus, every trainee should really have for his portion in any case the impulse ordentlich- the record books and lead a http://facts.stanford.edu/about/ common basis.

Together we are strong- guidelines for the house workplace.

The coronavirus has just about made every day life for many of us on the head. Due to the fact for most it truly is initial: Staying at property! #stayathome Even though lots of it is actually notable the rewordmyessay com ceiling upside down, it’s essential for our fellow man and for us to take even the measures seriously. To create the undesirable time dwelling beneficial and creative, at this time we have for you plenty of guidance to become productive at house.

Carnival atmosphere at technotrans.

At this time is Women’s Carnival! And like each and every year, technotrans is celebrating this by all women technotrans are invited to meet in the canteen. Whether department head, assistant, trainee or intern – At specifically 11:11 all ladies encounter within the decorated with streamers canteen exactly where with each other with champagne. Naturally, ought to not be missing the carnival typical Berlin.

The technotrans Christmas of 2019.

In December 2019 it was once more soweit- the large Christmas party of technotrans SE in Sassenberg.

Despite the fact that the festival every year just about runs the identical, there have been some differences previously year: the festively decorated tent has been expanded to create room for our guests and colleagues Reisner Cooling Solutions GmbH, a member with the technotrans Group. We’ve got to possess celebrated with each other round off the year. Even more „technotrans Christmas 2019“.



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